How To block incoming call on Android phones

If you receive unwanted phone calls on your mobile phone on Android, you can download a small application that lets you lock the phone numbers you do not want to answer. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Download and install on your mobile phone CallBloquer
  2. Once installed the application, click on the widget to run CallBlocker
  3. In CallBlocker interface, select where you want to add the number you want to block:
  4. Add from Contacts: Add the number from your address book. Select the contact and click on "Add"
  5. Recent calls from Add: Displays a list of recent incoming calls, from which you can select the number to block
  6. Add new-Add a new number to the blocked list
  7. Finally, click under "CallBlocker Service for it to" ON "(activated)
  8. And presto! In future when you receive an unwanted call number, the answering machine respond.
    Galaxy Tab tested in the operating system Android 2.2