HIS | Radeon HD 6870 Graphics New X and Radeon 6870 IceQ IceQ Turbo X X

wo weeks ago, met from HIS version "X IceQ"For your graphics card Radeon HD 6850And now we have to take note of the introduction of a pair of new models, based on GPU Barts AMD's 40nm, the X Radeon HD 6870 and Radeon 6870 IceQ IceQ Turbo X X.

Both HD 6870 is equipped with dual-slot cooler IceQ which has a central 92 mm fan and four heatpipes, Are supported DirectX 11, Capabilities CrossFireXA memory interface 256-bit VRAM 1GB GDDR5, Dual-DVI outputs and HDMI, and two mini DisplayPort.

The Radeon HD 6870 IceQ X has frequencies of GPU / memory 900/4200 MHz and is available in Europe @ € 210, While the Radeon 6870 IceQ Turbo X has X watches 975/4600 MHz and desonoce price.