Drive Locker, block access to any drive

In all those cases in which a multimedia station showing subject to the use of multiple users, rather than exclusively by the system or, better understood, from its rightful owner, it certainly is not all that uncommon to try to adopt special stratagems by which to preserve the integrity of data and, of course, the whole OS and various damages in which, unfortunately, is not that difficult encounter.

Fortunately, to give a hand to the people more fearful and in need of special security measures, there are many special tools and specially used for the purpose in question and, between them, it is certainly an eye to Drive Locker.

It is in fact a small program is completely free and used solely and exclusively on the Windows OS at home which offers the possibility of block access to any drive and hide the sight of others.

The application, among other things, particularly light Of nature Portable and therefore also suitable to be attached directly to your USB flash drive, once started will go on to list all that are units available, as also shown in the picture as an example.

The user's task will therefore be solely and exclusively to select the drive on which you want to act and, finally, then click on Apply to confirm the execution of the transaction in question.


Now the selected drive will be non-existent and, therefore, unattainable in the eyes and the mouse cursors for each additional user of the PC in question.

Obviously, in order to avoid complications of various kinds, should be remembered not to act in any way on the drive where Windows is allocated (Usually C:). Link