Create a recovery disc from HP

Recovery Disc Creation is the program that allows HP, create recovery discs for your computer. This way you can restore your computer to original factory condition. However, you can only create a set of recovery discs.

Note: make sure you have enough DVDs (can be 4) empty before starting the process of creating the recovery discs. The rewritable DVD (DVD-RW) are not supported.

Create a recovery disc

To create a recovery disk, follow these steps:
  1. Go to menu Start> All Programs> Recovery Manager> Recovery Disc Creation "
  2. In the Welcome window, click "Next"
  3. Wait while the image is divided to create the recovery disk
  4. Note the amount of disk space you need and enter the first DVD:
  5. In the window that appears click "Next"
  6. Wait while carrying out the creation of Disc 1:
  7. After the creation of the first disc you will be prompted to insert the second disk and so on until the 4th disc.
  8. After the establishment of the 4th disc, click "Finish" and go!

Keep these discs in a safe place that will serve to restore the system in case of problems.