Zune Mac compatible HD

Do not know if any of you remember the HD Zune? This media player that Microsoft released the alleged intent to competition to Apple's iPod, but it appears that the true intention of Microsoft to launch HD Zune was to test the market and test their hardware and software.

The HD Zune was not consistent with Mac, Which made him to lose thousands of users automatically, but of course, does not mean we have many, at least not as much as the iPod, but hey, the thing is that now that we have among us Windows Phone 7 and that the application is launched Windows Phone 7 Connector to connect the smartphone to Mac They realized that this same application also serves to HD sync with iTunes Zune.


No doubt this is good news, although I do not think sales HD Zune I have reached the heels of the iPod, but still there are hundreds, thousands of users who bought the HD Zune.