Longer videos for Vimeo Plus Members

Vimeo is one of the main websites that we offer the service to host our videos, is something like YouTube. In fact, Vimeo is the main competitor to YouTube.

Vimeo continuous competition to attract users and has now launched a new feature of its service and is allowing upload videos up to 5 GB.

Previously users Vimeo can upload videos up to 2 GB, but now Vimeo has increased the number of WBC to rise, putting in 5 GB.

Of course this is not for everyone, ie to 5 GB upload videos to Vimeo need to be a Plus user, ie user charges. Payment Vimeo to be a member of 46 Plus per year.

Undoubtedly, this new feature Vimeo power upload videos up to 5 GB will come in handy for certain artists, that other sites need special permissions (like YouTube) to have these opportunities.