Tricks HD Trials

As one of the best titles available on Xbox Live Arcade, gives us his secrets Trials using these tips. These tricks can actually unlock new items for this title that requires great skill from the player.


  1. Difficulty Easy-Moto reptile spend three tracks Beginner
  2. Extreme difficulty: Difficult to spend three runways
  3. Difficulty Difficult and Phoenix Motorcycle EVO spend three tracks in the Middle
  4. Difficulty Medium-Moto Scorpion: Easy to spend three runways
  5. Moto Micro Donkey: Complete the "National Bike Cup with a gold medal
  6. Platinum Club (above the medal of gold is in range): Pass a trail in Far
  7. Game of skill "Delivery": Beginner finish a track and win gold
  8. Game of skill "Down the Stairs": Beginner and completed two tracks for gold
  9. Skill game "Flip Hunter" finish two tracks and the Middle Easy and win gold
  10. Game of skill "Giant Ball Outside": Easy and finished three tracks for gold
  11. Game of skill "Hill Climb": Easy and finished two tracks for gold
  12. Game of skill "In Flames: Complete Beginner and three runs for gold
  13. Game of skill "Infernal Pinball"Middle and complete a track for gold
  14. Game of skill "Loose Screw" finished three tracks Medium and win gold
  15. Skill game "Target Hunt": Easy and complete a track for gold
  16. All tournaments complete all tracks in each tournament

Secret Gamer Picture

  1. Image # 1: unlock success "Full Throttle"
  2. Image # 1: Complete all the tracks Far