Flower Tips PS3

At once poetic and stylish Flower is a game atypical is available on the PlayStation Network. So that the game has no secrets for you, a few tricks. These tips show you how to find all the flowers hidden in each of 6 levels that make up this game that game company.

Level 1

  1. - Touch all the white flowers
  2. - For the second flower, touch all the white flowers
  3. - The last flower is behind the rock to the tree

Level 2

  1. - Feel all red and orange flowers
  2. - Touch all white and yellow flowers (including those to the input of the second part of level)
  3. - The last flower is in a valley to the left of the last area of the course

Level 3

  1. - Touching all the flowers in the first part
  2. - The second flower is to the left of the cave where you get the trophy Flow
  3. - Behind a rock in the late

Level 4

  1. - Behind a haystack
  2. - Revive the wooden wheel
  3. - Revive one of the pools

Level 5

  1. - Hidden Valley, left the ruins
  2. - In the second part, touch all the flowers white and pink
  3. - In the third playground, go right and turn around

Level 6

  1. - In the second box, enter the building, the flower is inside
  2. - Once on the highway, turn right, the flower is in a sling
  3. - In the last area in a large duct