Tips and Walkthrough Dead Space 2


Big surprise of 2008 Dead Space first name has transcended especially frightened thousands of players worldwide. A commercial and artistic success that could be translated only by the advent of a sequence which is done with the release of Dead Space 2 January 27. Screenplay direct result of the first component, Dead Space 2 you are plunged back again into the skin of the famous engineer, Isaac Clarke, who unfortunately is not income alone, much less free from Aegis 7. Do not get me wrong, much more than just a sequel, Dead Space 2 may be one of the huge boxes of 2011 for Electronic Arts and Visceral Games thanks to its revamped gameplay and fluidity of play increased. An excellent game that deserved a natural solution size. In this guide book of space, we will accompany you step by step through the dark corridors of the Medusa. So enjoy this detailed description of the 15 episodes and the various dangers they contain. Turn off the lights, plug in the 5.1 and get ready to sweat because Necromorphs are back!


1 / Objects

The game will feature in your part of the stock dozens of stores where you can fill up on ammo, buy new weapons and armor and even buy points Force in exchange for credits collected. It is necessary that you do not spend near the famous points of Force as they will be very important to upgrade your weapons and armor at different stations for improvement, but also to open up some rooms contain themselves important items. But the halls of the Medusa also home to dozens of containers of all kinds. It is therefore important, before leaving a room, well searching every nook and cranny. Many of the game environments are interactive as well: boxes, closets, lockers, etc.. All may contain credits, ammunition, refills kits or stasis of care, necessary to progress through the game without problem. Similarly, it is very important that you hit the corpses of all Necromorphs you encounter or kill, they can hold objects significant to survive the many dangers of the game

2 / Capacity

The game offers a unique experience by providing two capabilities of Isaac Clarke who will prove to be quite useful:

Telekinesis: With this capability, you can move objects in the game and can thus be used as projectiles against enemies (bars, toolboxes, etc..). Members of Necromorphs cut that will cross your path may even be turned against them. Finally, the decorative elements will be moved to the image of some panels or mobile platforms and are generally marked with a blue polygon GRIP, easily recognizable.

Stasis: This ability will allow you to slow your enemies. In addition, various game environments (doors, machinery, moving platforms, etc..) Can be slowed to reach inaccessible areas. Namely, the more you improve your stasis (RIG) to improve stations, the more time that the enemies and environments will be a long slowdown.

3 / Necromorphs

As in the first part, the extermination of Necromorphs still based in this sequel to the dismemberment of Necromorphs each type has its own weakness. We will explain, as and when you advance in the game, how to cope easily Necromorphs recalcitrant. Be aware that you also meet throughout your adventure will Necromorphs special parts of their bodies highlighted (often during periods of QTE), areas usually wearing a yellow-orange. This type of Necromorphs is more powerful than normal, if you come face to face with one of them, aim, therefore, these priority areas highlighted to see them drop like flies.


It's been three months Isaac Clarke returned from his mission on the USG Ishimura. Three months since the monolith found by Aegis 7 colony was also destroyed. Unfortunately, the engineer, the hero of the first Dead Space, Did not return unscathed from his latest trip. Dementia, Clarke is trapped since his return to a psychiatric hospital, the government is trying by all means to understand how the monolith has been affected his mind and especially if he remains in his mind fragments of information about its origin. But in this futile quest, scientists could not predict the result of tragic events. The troubles are far from being left in dust at the same time as monolith as Necromorphs followed Clarke ... on the Medusa.