The tablet will barometer Motorola Xoom

The market tablets is growing by leaps and bounds, and Motorola Xoom is one of those devices that have most liked about the last CES 2011. Now we have talked about it earlier, but the Xoom is stirring passions among some users, who see it as a proposed new force to compete with the almighty Apple iPad.

On it is revealed today a new innovation: the incorporation of barometer. As said, the added original would be taken into account in the future by other companies and become one of those elements that are soon to become common features of all tablets.


As has happened with dual-core processors, front and rear cameras, or sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, or proximity, the barometer may also be a common feature for the future.

For those who do not know, a barometer is an instrument used by the Weather for calculating the atmospheric pressure in order to make weather predictions more accurate and precise. So far it appears that Xoom of Motorola is the first device to use this tool Honeycomb Android.

Remains to be seen whether developers will take advantage of applications this barometer of yore.