The e-readers PocketBook Pro roam the CES 2011

Some time ago you announced the development of Pro Pocketbook in the IFA, a series of new e-readers to those who had not heard anything so far. But this range of devices has gone through CES 2011, Gaining the attention of a large group of users interested in this sector.

Line e-readers Pocketbook Pro consists of several new models, including the PocketBook Pro 902, the PocketBook Pro 602, and the IQ 701. Although they have common characteristics, the three e-readers differ in small aspects that will determine whether we are more interested either.


The PocketBook Pro 902 has a screen large enough, for a total of 9.7 inches with a resolution of 1200 x 825 pixels. For its part, the PocketBook Pro 602 is characterized by 6-inch screen reosluciĆ³n 800 x 600 pixels. And finally, the e-reader has 701 IQ TFT screen 7 inch with the same resolution as above, 800 x 600 pixels.

Of the three, only e-reader IQ 701 has Android operating system, with a 800Mhz processor, while the other two are Linux and processor speed of 533MHz. They all have 256MB of RAM, headphone jack and microSD card port.

As for prices, PocketBook Pro 902 costs $ 329.99 (255 euros), the PocketBook Pro 602 $ 199.99 (155 euros), and the IQ 701 is the cheapest with a cost of $ 168 (130 euros).