Scentscape enables you to smell what on the movies

Right now most manufacturers and companies involved in the world of screens, TV and monitors work to try to insert the 3D technology on the market. But there are some companies that choose different products. This is the case Scentscape that the ScentEditor allow us to further the experience of watching movies.

They will be interfaced Plug-n-Play and a system that gives us the ability to smell what we're seeing on the screen. That sounds a bit strange, but the project looks great and seems to work so great.


The machine stores, using cartridges, up to 20 different aromas that will last about 200 hours of use. If you have or want to store and include in your system a target odor, you can order the boys ScentSciences and they will provide so you can enjoy your device.

On the other hand, the system will include an adjustment to control the intensity of odors. Although it seems an appliance, ScentScape is most useful, and has a relatively small steps. Moreover, its price is only $ 70 (50 euros) plus $ 20 (about 10 euros) for the control program.

ScentSciences has prepared him to run on Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 7. If you have a Mac OS X will have to boot Windows on a separate partition.