iRumores. More information about the new Apple devices

Continued Apple Rumors and new devices not seem to budge. And as we enter this 2011, which has already presented its new products in consumer electronics. Many expect Apple's ads, and in this post I talk about it.

In this post we speak just of iRumores. From the information made in the network, although not official Apple source, generally, have often predicted the company's new on the block.

In this case we found iRumores that talk about Apple news in terms of three devices, the iPhone 5, 2 and Apple iPad TV:

  • iPhone 5: is said to undergo a total redesign and will be released this summer. A5 shows off new Apple processor, multi-core, which it says triples the performance of current processors.
  • Ipad 2: According to rumors in April could also point out that similar technology could have the "retinal display with high definition cameras front and rear and SD card slot. It could also include the A5, but not safe.
  • AppleTV: We also have the A5 processor, allowing you to play a movie in 1080 pure 'no muss. "