Sardu: Create bootable CD rescue, repair and diagnostics of PCs

The good thing about being a computer technician is that you decide what to do and when, which obviously leads to more confidence for the work we do for our customers peace of mind, and you stop counting. The truth is that it's always good to have options to recover and repair equipment that we thought they were lost.

In this section I share with you an excellent tool for technical special one way or another always follow Computer Blog. It is Sardu, Free software, completely in Spanish, compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP, with which we can create our own bootable disk recovery and repair.


Sardu is completely portable, does not require any installation. Allowing us to create, at will, a bootable disk with tools to repair computers. Everything is well organized in its interface, as seen in the screenshot above. We, with simple clicks, choose the applications and utilities are included in our CD bootable.

Well friends, you split the tabs on applications in several categories:

  1. Antivirus: Different security tools that work from disk
  2. Utilities: partitioning tools to recover passwords, etc.
  3. Linux Live: Different distributions of Linux to boot from them
  4. Windows PE: Different Windows Live and recovery tools

Once you've downloaded the files Sardu must choose the storage device where it will burn the boot disk. In the next picture you can visualize the look of the menu the user will see once it has booted from it.