Recover deleted files on NTFS drives after formatting

Format "? Do you want to retrieve that image or song that you had no intention erased it after formatting? Calm those questions I have answered the yes And not just once but many times, so it is fairly common situation for us.

Then we can use is NTFS Formatted Drive Recovery Although we can not better that we should not be fanciful. The program is great, yes, free, and works on Windows 2000, XP, etc. Its interface is entirely in English, and is easy to use.


When I say that is because we must be imaginative NTFS Formatted Drive Recovery offers a good option to recover files on NTFS drives that are formatted the efficacy rates when recover deleted files is not so high that is said.

NTFS Formatted Drive Recovery you can recover files from NTFS formatted drives or damaged to function properly you need to install. NET Framework on your system, the facility occupies 1.1MB file, and little, so to prove it has been said.