Rrrewind, an archive of YouTube, Flickr, Digg and several sites

The web is now a place so very large and changes so fast that much trouble remembering as were some sites until recently. So the project is so interstate Wayback Machine, and today we talk about another slightly similar and called Rrrewind.

Here is a site that allows go past the short and medium term business YouTube, Hulu, Digg, Hacker News, Dribble, Flickr or Reddit. The majority of which change too rapidly due mainly to the users themselves are contributing 99% of the content.

Rrrewind use could not be simpler, and only have to select a service to see the most immediate has been stored in it, or click on "archives" at the top right of the screen to navigate backwards on the calendar until June 29, 2009 at the latest.