Firefox 4 will arrive in late February, as long as 160 bugs solved

Firefox 4 has suffered several delays that eventually not allowed to arrive in 2010 and ended up leaving their final release date for February of this year. Or not so short, because now say that will happen Mozilla as long as they can fix the 160 bugs that continue to affect Firefox.

Sicor Damon, director of the engineering team Mozilla, Says the idea is to reach the release candidate phase as soon as possible to have the bugs fixed at the beginning of next month and to launch the final version of Firefox 4.0 by the end of February.

This being the most likely reach a new Firefox beta 4 -Although it was assumed that the 8 would be the last, to correct as many bugs as possible before launching the RC. It seems hard work, but Sicor and the rest of the Mozilla team are very excited and believe that Firefox 4-supported improvements in JavaScript and WebGL-will be successful.