Mario Sports mix Cheats

Here is a trick to unlock new characters in Mario Sports mix Wii. To play with the Black Mage and White Mage, you must complete twice the Road Star is located in the Star Cup tournament mode and defeat three times in the Star Route to unlock the other three sports. To play with Cactuar, must be 60 parts of the game or fight in tournament mode. To control a Moogle, he must already complete Mushroom Cup and Slim to 28 parts or beat tournament mode. Finally, the Slim will be yours once you have played 28 games.

To unlock the difficulty setting Difficult You have to get all sections of the game mode Normal.
Here are the levels to unlock in the game and how to get there:

Bowser's Castle : Beat Bowser in the Star Cup mode

Garden Daisy : Finish the Flower Cup (not possible with the Volleyball)

Ghost ship : Play 40 games

Koopa Beach : Win a match played on the level Koopa Beach in the Tournament mode

Peach Castle : Finish the Mushroom Cup

Pinball Waluigi : Play 35 games (not possible with the basketball)

: Finish Star Cup

Wario Factory : Win a match played on the level Wario Factory in the Tournament mode