Download attachments from Gmail or Hotmail free

Mail Attachment Downloader is a free software that undoubtedly has solved a shortage we have and we have come as sent by God. It is fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, in both 32 and 64 bit (right now, I have in my 64-bit). And it's available only in English, as seen in the previous capture.

What you must do to enjoy what Mail Attachment Downloader does is enter the email from the same program, ie, insert the access data (are your username and password), that he do the rest. In a first step, start to go down without me asking all attachments but messages that are more recent.


Obviously, Mail Attachment Downloader There are several filters that can be edited in such a way that it downloads is set to your requirements. For example, each month can be a way of backing up, if you manage files in the mail and want to have everything saved on your computer or make a full backup.

Something that I like are advanced filters Mail Attachment Downloader That allow us to specify dates, intervals, ie that date to this date, all files that we download to our computer.