Capture screens in Windows 7, including Aero effects

As we know, Windows 7 Aero effect is very elegant, this transparency makes us all like this operating system. The truth is that many times when making screenshots, these effects are not very well appreciated, and that is because not all software has the ability to take screenshots for this purpose, and this has been done with Shotty.

What I liked about Shotty is that it requires no installation, it is a portable program that can run only enjoy its functionality, is available in a couple of languages, including Spanish, as seen in the previous capture. Works on Windows 7, Vista and XP to run because it's limited resources need livianísimo.

Once you've executed Shotty The software creates a new icon in the system tray where you can perform the relevant operations. And you can make different types of catches, such as by region, the entire screen, "single window" and window quality.

It is equally important to note that Shotty has a screen editor so that once you've made the screenshot, you can edit the image, adding effects such as text, tables or figures, or crop, resize, and you stop counting. Tool also has a blur to hide certain sensitive fields.

Shotty allows you to upload images to your own server and then share them as you see in the screenshot below provides several ways to share:

In short, Shotty is an excellent tool to capture only 700 KB screens, I spent a lot of post in this software because I liked and I found it very complete as it offers various tools that many times I've needed urgently.