DMR-BR30, new Blu-ray recorder Panasonic

Although this not be too popular, and difficult to find many in supermarkets, recorders Blu-ray with integrated hard drives are not exactly new. However, the new product with Panasonic itself out for its very personal characteristic: instead of Hard Drive Integrated has a slot to insert discs and removable hard.

We talk about the DMR-BR30, a device which Panasonic says to launch kids with the intention of transferring the functionality of VHS tapes used in the past so that we can enjoy a similar technology and practice.


The idea is good but has some drawbacks. For example, for the moment the hard disk that can be made to the slot is DY-HDD500's own Panasonic, Which is priced at U.S. $ 240 (about 183 euros) and has 500GB memory, plus USB connection. Exclusive to this DVD and wants to sell in packs when users buy the device. Users can copy video to record it Blu-ray or DVDs to hard disk, or vice versa.

The device supports BDXL and has HDMI, Ethernet, a digital TV tuner and port for SD memory cards. Its launch will take place in Japan on 25 February for $ 600 (458 euros).