Battery Bar, an accurate battery meter

Battery Bar is an accurate and very light battery meter that will surely make life easier for Windows users. This is either a bar on the left of the Windows taskbar replaces the official Windows application to measure the load on your battery. The main advantage it has is to show you exact time or usage time percentage remaining in the battery, which in Windows is not so easy to know precisely.

It also indicates the missing load time when the charger is connected the device, all this to collect such information to become pregnant using, so that it becomes more accurate after a while of use, feature really surprising and enjoyable to watch.

battery meter

Meter advantage over the default Windows is that it is always visible so it will keep you alert when missing a few minutes for the computer hibernates or shuts down.

There is also a paid version with notifications and sounds, automatic updates and other features that make this great application even better, although the free version is still very, very helpful.