Ubuntu bypass the password by running the command Sudo

One of the things that annoy users arriving Linux is having to enter the administrator password to perform certain tasks on their system. Today we will see how to remove that restriction, although it should be noted that despite being a nuisance, it is a protection for their computers.


If you still wish eliminate the need to enter password. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Open a terminal and run the following command: su
  2. Run the following command : chmod 740 / etc / sudoers
  3. open the file / etc / sudoers and add the following line at end of file:
    % admin ALL = (ALL ) NOPASSWD : NOPASSWD : ALL

Ok, our system and we do not ask for more the administrator password to perform special tasks . If we want to give other users this possibility, remember that we add to / etc / sudoers , though we'd be completely sure that we want others to modify the system.