How to make Thunderbird is compatible with Ubuntu notifications

Since its emergence, Ubuntu notification system has garnered nothing but praise , earned based on the quality of its design. There are several applications that have begun to offer support , but Thunderbird not one of them. Today we will see a simple trick from the terminal in Linux to do so.

This is possible thanks to a piece of code that Mozilla has created and returns to your mail client supports notifications Ubuntu. But as the code is not available in the form of an extension have to download and do it ourselves , something very easy to do from the terminal in Linux:

bzr branch lp: ~ ruben-verweij/libnotify-mozilla/experimental

With the first command code downloaded to your computer , and then have to go to the folder where you have the same and run:

. /

At the end we will have the addon created, with the usual xpi extension , after which only we will turn to Tools - > Addons - > Install and select it.

Finally , and not mix Notifications Ubuntu with Thunderbird, just have to go to the east and setting in the General tab , under " When new messages arrive " , uncheck the option "Show an Alert . "