Now you can search using the camera on the iPhone using Google Goggles

Google Goggles is an application for Android that most wanted to be an iPhone and the wait is over for today launched version Google Goggles iPhone, Google Goggles is an option for Google searches from the content of a photograph taken with the phone, this can be very useful when we want to know what you want to photograph or write and also features handwriting recognition OCR.

With Google Goggles you can photograph book covers, CD's, supermarket products, Barcode (Similar to GoodGuide), architectural monuments, cards, art, walls of businesses, products, logos and more.

Here's a video of how it works Google Goggles.


Google Goggles comes within the Google Mobile for iPhone, if you have a previous version Google Mobile, You download the most recent version, released today which already includes the option Google Goggles, You must activate it and use it within Google Mobile sees Settings and then Google Goggles where you have to activate the option Goggles.