Find out if a baby looks more like mom or dad with Look-alike

Half the people say the baby looks just like you, While the other swears he is a clone of the parent. It is very difficult to determine who is more like a baby, Especially when everyone wants to review the issue.

We want to introduce a fair option. This application web Look-alike, Which simply upload a photo babyPlus both parents, you have a verdict, confirming which is the parent who is most like a baby


Look-alike is based on face recognitions find common ground on the faces of parents, compared with the baby. The first is to register to access the service and then go up, together or separate photos of the baby, his dad and mom.

From a process that can take a minute or two depending on your internet connection, Look-alike will deliver its final verdict, saying if your child is more like mom or dad, but you can always say that is exactly like the two .

You can save results end and even share them on social networks. A great way to silence the annoying relatives and show the rest you have a small clone.