Nook the new color screen and Android

Today we bring one of the juiciest rumor that is invading the network by a landslide: Barnes & Noble may be preparing a new version of e-reader Nook color touchscreen. The published information to date points to be disclosed on Tuesday 26 October at an event in style.


According to rumors, this new e-reader is called Color Nook Will have a 7-inch touch screen and will appear in the U.S. at $ 249 (about 178 euros).

Apparently, Barnes & Noble want to try to hunt down the Amazon in business sector e-readers and with this new product, based on operating system Android, Think they can impress both audiences and press.

However, although it may seem, the Color Nook will not be an iPad, have different features and cost less than the Apple tablet. Continue selling the existing Nooks and even be updated soon with a new version of its firmware. For now the data is unknown is what type of color display will have the device, and what are their performance characteristics.