HX7 tested the Sony Bravia 40

We had the opportunity to try for a few days Sony Bravia HX7 40 "(also called 40HX700 or HX700), one of the latest televisions released by Sony this year. Following the trend of design, online television has a very spare, with absolute predominance of straight lines and a glossy finish that is really well, though admittedly that gets dirty look. Its dimensions are 1.023 mm × 665mm × 310mm when mounted on its base and has a weight of 22.4 kilos.

The Sony HX7 TV is an LCD panel and a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, ie Full HD. Incorporates the Bravia Engine image processor 3, a room sensor that automatically adjusts the color temperature and brightness of the image to fit the lighting in the room at all times of day and the MPEG Noise Reduction technology which enables us to see MPEG video with better quality to the partial removal of noise and artifacts that create video compression. If you are fond of downloadable content (movies, series, etc.).


Those with a PlayStation 3 or PSP certainly have recognized the superior image menu, as this uses the same Bravia XMB (Cross Media Bar) Sony consoles. This allows a very flexible and intuitive navigation between sections and menu options, but the strange spider in the remote control does not always help.

The Bravia HX700 is at the bottom left of the front panel a series of indicator lights that give us information about the state of television. On the right side buttons have buttons to turn the unit or leave it on stand-by, a button to switch between the input signal to another, the Home button to access the menu and other controls to increase volume, change channels. These more or less common buttons are accompanied by a power saving switch that turns off the TV completely, unlike the stand-by mode. Many may seem silly, but I assure you is something I personally miss in many existing gadgets.

The left panel of this Sony Bravia 40 inch contains the headphone port, RCA video connections, an HDMI port, a USB port and PCMCIA slot. Meanwhile, back panel hides two ports including HDMI, VGA, two SCART ports for connection, component connection, the fiber optic port for connection to home theater equipment and a network cable port. And is that the Internet is one of the most interesting features of this Bravia 40HX700.

If we connect the TV to a router by cable (or buy an optional adapter for wireless connection) can enjoy Bravia Internet Video a number of interesting national content channels (La Sexta Antena 3) and international (Eurosport, CNN) and online services (YouTube). Missed the last program or Saved? No problem. Connect your 40HX700 Internet and you can view streaming with amazing sound and picture quality. Although the streaming sound at stoppages and having to wait for the video loads each time, I assure you it is not. The programs are completely fluid. The only time to pause is to move from one section to another (usually divided into three sections).

The Sony Bravia HX7 offers picture and sound quality you would expect from any high-end model of Sony, with a sleek, sexy and modern. Its user interface based on icons is very comfortable and easy to master and the variety of connections is very complete offering. If we add the ability to connect to the Internet we have a very interesting option to enjoy from the living room of online content. Available services do not cover all the new stations, but there is a variety that may satisfy most users. In short, television-quality and modern with a few extras to take into account