Keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 beta now available for download and so far has received rave reviews for its new features, but with the new also come new keyboard shortcuts that can improve your productivity by doing things faster. And with the new interface design Internet Explorer 9, may not be very easy to move between settings unless you know the keyboard shortcuts , so I bring AUI list of keyboard shortcuts IE9.

Ctrl + L
Highlight the text in the address bar
Ctrl + D
atus page Add bookmarks
Ctrl + B
Organize your bookmarks
Ctrl + T
Open a new tab
Ctrl + N
Opens a new window
Ctrl + K
Duplicate the current tab
Ctrl + Alt + P
Opens a new window in private
Ctrl + Tab
Move between tabs
Ctrl + W
Closes the current tab
Ctrl + O
Open a web page
Ctrl + Q
Quick Tabs
Ctrl + +
Zoom closer
Ctrl + -
Zoom away
Ctrl + 0 ( zero )
Change the zoom to actual size
Ctrl + S
Save a Web page
Displays the menu bar
Alt + M
Go to homepage
Alt + C
See your favorites, feeds , and history
Alt + D
Highlight the address bar
Alt + Left
Return to previous page
Alt + Right
Go to next page
Alt + Enter
Open search results in new tab
Alt + L
Open the Help menu
Alt + X
Open tools
Alt +5
Force rendering like Internet Explorer 5
Alt +7
Force rendering like Internet Explorer 7
Alt +8
Force rendering like Internet Explorer 8
Alt +9
Force rendering like Internet Explorer 9
Alt +0
Force the default rendering mode
Alt +?
Alt + /
Developer Toolbar
Full Screen
Safe Browsing
Stop page loading