Batman : Arkham City : New details revealed

Arkham City is known that it comes with many important developments, which by far overshoot by the development studio , they will unveil gradually, to generate more intrigue to the title . One of the last elements to be confirmed for the title will be able to be Batman to interrogate enemies, with the aim of revealing and secret places. How does this work? As follows .

The Riddler will not use their classic puzzles to reveal secret locations , or at least not all the time, as happened in Arkham Asylum, but now this will be resolved differently . This villain will reveal the location of secret places some of his followers , who will move in different parts of the group stage of the game. To find them , Batman will have to use your scanner to detect which is the Riddler knows the information . But to extract this information must first special dispatch to all the other enemies to join you and once you are alone and helpless , you can interrogate him.


Rocksteady promised for the different game mechanics question of which have not unveiled too , limited only to say they are "working on them. " This new system also question reveals something that was rumored about Arkham City, the inclusion of components of open world GTA style . Since the company was quite emphatic about this , noting that the game does not become a full-fledged sandbox , but activities such as finding secret places additional activities may be conducted as a main argument , which takes place in a linear fashion as happened in the first half.

Beyond what has been unfolding , and all that will be presenting in the coming months , it is clear that the game is becoming more interesting and promising elements to delude ourselves with a great sequel to what was an excellent Action game in third person. Hopefully the next time they arise things even more interesting .

I at this point I dare to say that Arkham City will also include the deployment of vehicles as the Batmobile and Batwing , to facilitate quick tour of Batman to the length and breadth of the game map, which quintupled in size around the campus of Arkham Asylum in the first half. As a Batman fan I am, every thing, every new ad that appears creates intrigue me most about this game , as I imagine many of you out there really must go . But , even if it hurts , there is still a long time to wait, as Arkham City in 2011.