Scroll through your photos as wallpaper - Linux Ubuntu 10.04

As Windows 7, Linux Ubuntu allows you to automatically change wallpaper by picking from a list of photos. Here's how to create your slideshow wallpapers with the freeware CREB.

  1. Open a Terminal window by clicking on the menu ApplicationsOn Accessories then Terminal.


  2. Then enter the following command and press Entry.
    sudo add- apt- repository ppa : CREBS / app


  3. Enter your password and confirm.


  4. Then enter the following command and confirm Entry.
    sudo apt- get update


  5. Enter then the following command and confirm with Entry.
    sudo apt- get install CREBS


  6. software Creba is downloaded and installed.


  7. Close the Terminal window and click on the menu System. Click Preferences then Create a wallpaper slideshow.


  8. Click +.


  9. Select the photos to scroll and click Open.


  10. You can change the order of photos by drag and drop.


  11. Then type in the tab Default image the interval between each screen (15 minutes by default ) .


  12. Enter a name for your series of wallpapers , and click the button Apply.


  13. Your wallpaper will then be automatically and regularly changed.