Chrome 7 will be 60 times faster

Chrome 7 will be 60 times faster the current version browser Google. Thanks to hardware acceleration that already use Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4.

Chrome has earned , by all rights , the position of " The winning Web browser speed issues ".

The picture really did not know what to take , I leave to your discretion. I like Ash , but the other has not it , that is me.

The new browser version superior to the new Internet Explorer 9 and the next Firefox 4. Although we will have to wait and see .

And to prove it will have to wait to November to see its final version, but rumor is that in a few weeks could get a beta, and this fan Chrome will make sure to bring you news and opinions of the browser , of course, if it appears that version.

To all those who have not tried Google browserI invite you to do , is truly a first class browser , with so many options for extensions , there is little that one can not do with it. For those who prefer FirefoxBecause I have nothing to say because even I am writing this post FirefoxHa ha ha , but I let it lie Chrome is a very good browser and very complete , in fact I think Chrome is a bit more user friendly .

Another news is that , apart from improving the performance of the 2D graphics Chrome, Google also working on the 3D capabilities of your browser. And left us a video about it , with a beautiful goldfish swimming back and forth :