Protect your Hotmail account with these new options

Windows Live Hotmail is the email service over used the world , although not the best there is no one with more users than it, and if you are a user you may have noticed that recently released a new version , well just add other new features, These specifications are to protect your account from Hackers that through deception, techniques Hijacking or Phishing steal user passwords for misuse of your account if the theft password Hotmail is real.

With these new options safely Hackers can not steal your password and to add these new features to your account you must activate them in the page " Overview Account "(https : / / / summarypage.aspx) , there in the section " reset information Password " there are 2 new options are Phone Mobile and PC trusted.

Phone Mobile - With this option , when you want to reset your password , either because you've forgotten or I'll have changed , sends you the secret code to restore it via a text message to your cell phone.

PC trusted - With this option you can link your account with one or more computers that you use, and when you get to lose your password you can only retrieve it from the PC you have connected with your account, here you must be careful if you ever get rid of some of the PC you have linked , you have to detachment and re- link your new PC.