How To Fix messenger error code 85ae000b

One possible solution for those using Windows Seven or Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 is installed Messenger 2011 beta 2. Some readers have reported that installing this version of messenger has been removed error 85ae000b , each case is unique and what works for one may not work for others.

messenger 2011 beta 2 is not compatible with Windows XP , users of this operating system can try the following : Back to version 8.5, uninstalled the messenger that is currently installed from Add / Remove Programs and install the Messenger 8.5. If an error occurs when you install it, use the uninstaller messenger and try the installation again , if successful , close the messenger completely and install the patch anti -update, and log . The solution for most cases depends on Microsoft since many of the account affected , it is rumored that problem on the servers and the company does not provide an effective solution.