Gmail Widget for Android

One of the most useful things you have Android is the subject of notifications and bar available for this sometimes falls short for all the information they could provide. May improve in the next version would be nice.

When does not arrive an email we see the classic icon in this bar notice that we received a but little more information gives us. To try to improve on something these notifications and whenever respect a email account Gmail we GmailWidget Plus.

As its name suggests it is a widget for our desktop in which we appear different labels to have with mail unread . We can put on your terminal many widget different as accounts gmail have , and thus if we have filters labeled in our accounts at a glance the widget know referred to the email we receive.

GmailWidget Plus has a few settings such as the appearance visual of it to choose between two models, choose the account gmail on which show notifications and view only the labels post pending or show all labels.

A simple application but you can make more enjoyable our use of Gmail in the absence of that Google give you to improve your application by adding a widget or improve the notification bar .