Ex-blocker, block your ex-girlfriends on the internet

However, it is possible that none of these feelings is comparable to find your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend with a new partner in a network having broken. Usually all you can do in these cases is whining, cursing the day of the creation of the Internet or blaspheme against the ancestors of the above. But that was until now.

Luckily, someone had the bright idea to pull out of the sleeve Ex-blocker, a plugin for your browser to erase all trace of our former partner on the internet. The operation of this application is very simple: fill out a short form with the data of our ex-girlfriend (allows up to 5 ex-girlfriends), select the web browser you use and then we can get off a plugin that will hide while navigating all the matching information with which we introduced in the previous form.

So far they have proved the greatest invention of 7000 pairs broken. They can not be wrong!