Pretty Run: search and quick access to files, folders, bookmarks, software

The start menu of Windows Vista and 7 it includes useful Search box by which quick access after typing in specific keywords, the interest.

Some of you readers of Macworld, however, may be looking for a resource to integrate your OS can execute what we have just mentioned but also more.

In this case, an application which Pretty Run will undoubtedly be very useful.

Pretty Run is a free software and used not only on Windows Vista and 7 but also on XP that, once in use, will research and faster access to files and folders but also the favorites of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, to mp3 files using their tags, the various sections of the Control Panel, printers connected to your computer and its options.

Pretty Run search and quick access to files, folders, bookmarks, software

But there's more!

Thanks to Pretty Run will also be search online using the ones that are the favorite search engines, start a specific set of programs through a single click and set certain keywords to quickly launch programs.

The software, in order not to miss anything, reminds Furthermore, the last items copied to the clipboard and allows restore if necessary.

Pretty Run after installation will be accessible directly from the system tray Windows by double-clicking its icon.

From the window that opens (similar to that vision by taking a look at the screenshots) can then be performed all the operations mentioned above.

Exploiting instead the configuration panel Pretty Run the application will be set based on what are their needs. Download | Pretty Run