Utopia, Future Project Floating Cities

The idea probably comes from one of the James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me ". However, the British company BMT Nigel Gee believes that the ' floating city ' will be the future of life at sea.

‘Floating city ' has 11 deck accommodations, and round shape allows the observation area 360 degrees. As a luxury yacht, ' floating city ' also features four swimming pools and a helipad.

Although not a cruise ship, but the emergence of a project called "Project Utopia” was first revealed at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Design Utopia shows four foot platform that resembles a mast. It also supports four platforms that will make it stable even in the ferocious sea though.

Such as ships, Utopia is also able to move, although the pace is slow. With a stretch of about 65 meters wide, Utopia provides up to 13 floors, with observation deck that allows panoramic views. In addition, there is also room for shops, bars and restaurants.

Utopia, Future Project Floating CitiesUtopia, Future Project Floating Cities 2 

BMT Nigel Gee has not calculated cost estimates for the manufacture of Utopia. Not yet known whether there will be consumers who are willing to live in the floating city.

However, the Director of Yacht Design Utopia James Roy believes will change the outlook and the initial concept of the traditional marine architecture.

“These views of the future are usually formed from a habit that is in the present or the reflection in the past, " said Roy.

“Utopia is not the object to travel, but it is the destination. As the island that was built for anyone with a view to the creation of a place like this, “he continued.

James Roy also said the designs created are created in collaboration with Island Yacht Design, which represents companies working in the manufacture of yachts and commercial marine equipment. Utopia is a statement that brings art and technology innovation in this industry.