Saving conversations BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger lets you send and receive instant messages with anyone who owns a BlackBerry device. When talking to someone, the chat is stored with the contact name so you can pick up where you finish, if you decide to end the conversation for a while. If you want to store the entire history of the conversation, you need to turn the chat history, which will create a backup file Security of all your conversations.BBM

How to save the BlackBerry Messenger conversations

Step 1. Press the button Menu, Located on the left of the trackball or trackpad, to display the main menu. Scroll to the icon BlackBerry Messenger"And select it.

Step 2. Scroll the list of BlackBerry Messenger contacts. Press "BlackBerry"To bring the menu. Go to "Options"(Options) and select it.

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen of options to find the area "Miscellaneous(Miscellaneous). Click the "Save Message History"(Message Log History.) Choose "Memory Device" (Report of the device) or Multimedia Card depending on where you want to save the history.

Step 4. Select "Ok"On the warning screen. Then press the Back button and choose Save to complete the changes. All your conversations BBM be stored in a file.