X-Setup, the best configuration for Windows

X-Setup transforms our Windows operating system in a perfect system optimized.

Many users are asking, "What is the best settings for Windows?". For those who do not know or do not want to spend too long playing records, and settings X-Setup Brings us all done.

X-Setup brings about 2000 parameter settings which are essential for the proper functioning of Windows.

To understand is not that good ... X-Setup 2000 is going to change the parameters of our Windows, but presents us with choices that we can accept or reject depending on whether they are applicable to our equipment, hardware and installed applications.


One of the features I appreciate in X-Setup is its role as "Undo" (Undo), since one can err on some configurations or evil some combination thereof.

There is another factor that makes it interesting to X-Setup, And the possibility of using it as a disk (CD) boot.