Sony announces three new Bravia TVs

The main feature of this news and what is striking given how the market is that Sony Japan has just introduced three new TV, And none of them is ready to reproduce three-dimensional content. This is a nice breath of fresh air, because lately it seems that the only thing that worries the market is to facilitate the playback of content in three dimensions may.

The three new TVs are part of the product range Bravia, And all have a more effective integrated HDD disk allows storing content in a total of 500GB.

It is best to let us also record from television, the content stored on the hard disk can be transferred easily and intuitively by connecting external HDD disks via format intuitive USB.


The principal of the new model is the KDL-40EX52H 40-inch LED panel that includes a full HD resolution, dual digital TV tuner, Ethernet, two 10Wx2ch speakers, three HDMI ports. The price is $ 1.800, about 1320 euros.

The other two models are the KDL-32EX42H 32-inch KDL-22EX42H and 22 inches. Both have similar characteristics to the previous Bravia, but only reaches a screen size of 1366 x 768 pixels. Their prices are from 1340 and 1100 dollars respectively (982 and 800 euros). All new televisions Bravia will go on sale Japan on 20 March.