Send large files via email with YouSendIt

Got a video you would like email, but its size is difficult to attach a normal message. The good thing is that now you can, thanks to the YouSendIt service.

With YouSendIt You can send emails with attachments of up to 100 megs of completely free and without complications. Just enough to compose the message from your site and upload the file.

The files you send via YouSendIt can be directed to several people you select, be a good way to protect your privacy, Rather than direct download services do not deliver. Here you control recipients.

Simple to use, simply enter your site, put your email address, the people who receive the mail, subject and message, and then upload the attachment you want to send to a limit of 100 megs. In addition, every file you send can be downloaded 100 times.

If the amount you think small, you can purchase a Premium accounts to an unlimited size of files, but the free option is sufficient for most people. In order to enjoy its services, you must register, be an option for sending all types of files. Go to YouSendIt