New update for DC Universe Online

Sony has turned to a fresh patch for MMO superhero DC Universe Online today, among which include adjustments to the voice chat option in the game.

In addition, the console maker also launched a lot of reviews for consumption, all of which are detailed below. The changes apply to both North American and European territories.

The patch fixes the following problems:

  1. Skills: Psychic Power can now restore correctly.
  2. Skills: Making a roll dodge dodge no healing abilities.
  3. Challenges: Girl Power now drops loot at level 30 in Challenge mode for the assault on the Ivory Tower.
  4. Award-Faction: Villain faction awards now require only brands, loyalty and no longer require a type of plate is not available.
  5. Feats: Any feat that requires a certain number of victories PvP now be granted properly after the correct number of wins.
  6. Feature Resets: If you reset the features, while changing in a different way and not get caught up in that way.
  7. Feature Resets: All fans designed by the player character abilities granted by the features will now be removed on reboot features.
  8. Feature Resets: Restoration of features with a weapon equipped, which was won by a trait (ie, not the type of weapon of choice in character creation) no longer continue to give the statistics of the weapon equipped, without basic skills.
  9. Now, all statistics will be removed from the weapons equipped so that you do not have the necessary character. In this situation, you should have the same basic skills drill you get if you unique ip your weapon. The purchase of the property to grant access to that type of gun again now restore those statistics