Mufin MusicFinder, finding music on the web

Mufin MusicFinder has the distinction of being a free software that allows find music on the web based on music you already have downloaded to your hard drive.

This seems to me something very interesting, because without having to search on my own music I like, Mufin MusicFinder seeks and finds me. How does this work?

First know a little Mufin MusicFinder. Its design and mode of operation will make sure to remember iTunes. So you can create playlists of songs for Mufin MusicFinder the play for us.

On the other hand, thanks to these lists of songs Mufin MusicFinder can determine what kind of music we like or want to hear, and then do a search on the web to find similar topics.

Mufin MusicFinder includes a chat where we can contact other music lovers to share our musical tastes.