How to Reboot/Reset a Blackberry (2 methods)

Restart a BlackBerry smartphone is a method Troubleshooting which shut down and restart the application software and operating system. It is a useful first step if the BlackBerry smartphone experience problems with hardware, software or network, then steps to restart your phone.

There are two options for a recovery:

Manual Reset

This involves physically removing the battery cell and then reinserting:

  1. Remove the battery cover on the back of the BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Remove the battery and reinsert it after a few seconds.
  3. Replace the battery cover.

The partial restoration is virtually a combination of three keys to restart the BlackBerry without removing the battery. Only available on models of BlackBerry smartphone with QWERTY keyboard.

Keystroke Reinstatement

  1. Hold down the ALT key on your smartphone.
  2. While holding down the ALT key, press and hold down the "right" Shift.
  3. With these two buttons still pressed, press the Delete key. The BlackBerry smartphone screen turns off to indicate that the restoration has started, and then you can release the keys.

Note: Some BlackBerry smartphone keys do not show above, in the same way, but the location of the keys is the same:

Reset key BB

Keys to reset Blackberry

NoteIt is normal for the BlackBerry smartphone will take several minutes to fully start after a reset.

Some wireless carriers and device manufacturers have processes called third major restoration, or factory reset main cleared, which erases all user data and settings for non-BlackBerry devices, operators, restoring the status of "factory." The device clear command will perform this same function in a BlackBerry smartphone.