How to download multiple YouTube videos at once: the best free programs

Download videos from YouTube is a common practice now. Some people do it with software, some with online services, but in essence we all know how to check this practice. Different speech concerns the download multiple YouTube videos at once, Something we take for granted but to be able to do that, then come upon, almost never fail to make due to the inadequacy of the programs (or services) that we usually use.

Confirm? We are pleased. Also because we have decided today to recommend a couple of free programs among the best download multiple YouTube videos at once without too much difficulty and without compromising on the quality of many HD movies that are now located on the portal of Google. They are listed below: Choose your favorite and start to download as well.

Free YouTube Download

An integral part of the extraordinary collection of Programs for manipulating video and audio DVDVideoSoft I mentioned some time ago, Free Download YouTube is an excellent freeware that lets you not only download multiple YouTube videos at once but also to convert them into a totally automatic in a format selected from the AVI, the MP4 and FLV. As you can see from the screenshot above, the program has a user interface literally disarming in its simplicity. To download video with it, just copy the URL of the video from YouTube, click on "Paste" option on the main software screen, select the target format in the dropdown menu "Format", set the destination folder for the movies by the "output folder" and click on "Download". The only downside is that there is no-install, but you can not want everything in life.


If you do not use Windows, or more simply prefer to use solutions open source, That you can not turn to Miro, a unique tool universal multi-platform (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) that allows you to follow TV on the Internet, download torrent, video display in any format download multiple YouTube videos at once rigorous quality in HD (MP4 format). To accomplish this operation, just follow four easy steps:

  1. Change the number of days after which the program automatically delete the downloaded video (from the Video menu> Preferences> Disk Space "). More than anything else to avoid unpleasant surprises;
  2. Add to the sites in the main menu of the program (menu "Side Pane> Add a Web Site");
  3. Go to YouTube from the link created in the sidebar of Miro;
  4. Links to pages with the videos you want to download and click on "Download this video" that appears in the upper right.