Google Shopper for iPhone

Google launched its most popular commercial application, Google Shopper iPhone With voice, image and local search.

Originally released for Android last year Google Shopper based products can be found in text, voice or bar code recognition for comparing prices of a specific product line. If you do a search for "HP printers," he lists different types of printers, as well as a list of places around where you can purchase the item. Google also shows a rating for the item, based on user reviews.

When you select a specific item, Google gives details about the product. You can then choose any or can find a list of local retailers who have the product. If you opt for local search, Google show whether the item is available in each store. You can also "tag" a specific point and save it for later viewing. You can share with friends through Facebook, Twitter or Google Reader.


Just like counterpart Android, Google Shopper for iPhone is fast, simple and effective. For someone who wants to get just the price comparison, no matter where you are, your application will be very useful and reliable. The application is available at App Store For iPhone, with IOS 4.0 and higher.