Firefox 4 Beta 4 Mobile available for Android and Maemo

Before closing the year, Mozilla continues to improve mobile version of Firefox for the Android platform and Maemo, is currently available in the Android Market and also available for download it from web and to a Nokia Maemo. Another novelty of this new update, Firefox Mobile gallery for Thunderbird also offers more than 100 accessories to customize the features, functionality and appearance of your Web experience.

This beta version Mobile Firefox 4 significantly improves performance. With recent evidence has shown a JavaScript acceleration in the Android browser to three times faster in testing Kraken, almost twice as fast on SunSpider and a little faster in the V8. Since the start time and load time of the reply page, pan and zoom is more agile in this release, increasing stability, reducing the use of memory installed, improving the legibility zoom, and setting some problems with the keyboard.

As we know, 4 Mobile Beta 4 Firefox Firefox includes Sync, which synchronizes history, bookmarks, tabs and more with Firefox 4 desktop. Similarly, are available over 100 accessories for phones, to customize the features, functionality and appearance of Firefox.

Developers with Web technologies like HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript can now create mobile add-ons for Firefox which when installed will not need to restart your browser to use.

To Download Firefox 4 Mobile Beta 4 Android, you can download from the Android Market or to download it from websites like the version you can download it Maebe Official Site of Firefox Mobile.