Download Free Antispyware - Security 360 Free Edition

Security 360 is a free antispyware we can work with peace of mind knowing that we have the protection of an efficient and reliable software.

A perfect complement to any anti-virus is a anti spyware, And if we seek one that is efficient and reliable ... Security 360 perfect, it is also free.

Security 360 offers a total protection against spyware, and this is due to its intelligent operation, it can use a heuristic system that allows you to immediately recognize any threat to the operating system.

Even if we have inadvertently given way to a malware (including spyware found) Security 360 is responsible to inform us as soon as this is active or try to cause trouble in the system.


I find it interesting option Security 360 allowing us to perform a scan based on the following choices: full, partial, intelligent (smart). As additional, Security 360 has an administrator who can schedule when we want to do one of the scans.