DJ Tap is a complete and versatile tool for DJ (IOS)

The iPad came a few months ago with its generously sized touch screen with all the advantages that this implies he knew he would not be missed by the most creative. One example is that of music, where the benefits are many.

Both compose music as for DJ can perform their mixtures, Which is possible in applications such as Pro, GrooveMaker or we are presenting today, Tap DJ. An application whose design and operation is perhaps the most similar to that of a mixing console.


We have two tables, one on each side of the screen and each with its own volume controls, tone and pitch as well as buttons to load music, play or pause. Between them is the slider to the balance between them, which is what ultimately allows us to go after performing the step between a subject and another. And for this work, we have a special aid: the volume control allows us to "burn" rate of descent, so that we can begin to lower the volume, check that speed and let that run automatically to concentrate on the other table and the music will play from there.

But there are other benefits, including the possibility of access via Wi-Fi iTunes shared libraries, An extensive library of sounds and effects, or share our best mixes on Facebook and Twitter.

DJ Tap is available in App Store on devices with IOS 4.0 or higher, and its cost is only $ 1.99.

Web Site: DJ Tap